It’s holi peeps!!

The streets today are brimming with colours…a welcome respite from the everyday black and white.The joy and the happiness accompanying it is worth the toil required to be put in later (to wash the colours off…lol). 

It’s fun altogether, besides being a merry excuse to meet up with your friends and family alike.Mashing the colour concoctions on their faces (with a devilish laugh) making sure that they would have to bathe atleast three times before everything comes off…is awesome fun.

You get to let go of your inhibitions entirely, which is sometimes necessary, what with being polite and courteous all day long for the entire year, it gets tiresome.

So peeps, Enjoy this day to the fullest and make sure you colour your folks behind the ear too…that spot is always the hardest to clean…;D

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Never was the w…

Never was the world so colourful before…
Ne’er did the people look so happy before..
They come together on days such as this
They smile and laugh, it feels like it’ll last forevermore….
I wish these arrive everyday…These days of happiness
I wish these last forever…..The days such as this….

The Canning affair


Rachel Canning was all over the news the other day, and twitter too was abuzz with people tweeting her a piece of their minds. When I first read about it, the first thought was ‘What an ungrateful li’l brat’, and what with the school uniform and shit, she seemed straight out of a ‘Cruel Intentions’ flick……….but after a while I began to think, what if the reason she was doing all of it was she couldn’t understand, couldn’t quite comprehend, that sueing your own parents over something like ‘house rules’ was, well, the least to say, petty and morally wrong?

Maybe since her childhood, she hasn’t been exposed to ‘reality’ as such. I don’t know if the parents are to blame, but even if all of this was the consequence of their upbringing (which I don’t think is the case), the girl should’ve definitely used a bit of something called ‘Grey matter’ before she moved to court. Does this show a lack of patience and comprehension in our gen? What could’ve been so bad about the situation that she had to go against her folks to that extent?!…..

After all that’s being said, Rachel, don’t you personally think you could’ve solved this matter without troubling the judges??



So I tried on this desktop customization tool, and must I say….it’s frigging OsUm!…In the picture is my current desktop but there are plenty of options to choose from and customize according to what you feel right.
The software is called ‘Rainmeter’ and once you download it, you can easily follow the instructions to customize stuff.
The skins are available on….

A tad bout me

Hey guys, this is the original SouthpawScribe, saying hi to you on a fine Sunday.Wad up der!

As my name suggests, I’m a leftist everything, and I’ll be posting stuff ranging from diffeent cities and issues or stuff that stirs me somehow, be it music, art, or politics. Less of the politics. Cherio!

A tad 'bout me, a bit more 'bout the world